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Celebrate MLK Jr.'s dream by finding the courage to share your own.

We invite you to take time this January to create something that represents your hopes and dreams for the future.


A poem.

A picture.

A song.

A drawing.

A list.

An essay.

A powerpoint.

An opportunity.


To honor the courage of Martin Luther King Jr. , we invite you to muster your own and give it  a try.

Submissions do not have to be original, but they must be meaningful.



We have created a space to share these ideas and to help spark new ones. 

See what's already been shared!

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 Spark creativity! Start conversations!


Online Art Show


Blog of poetry, essays, art
that inspire


storytelling, performances

Children's Book Recommendations

Learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders in these great books.


Learn about Elizabeth Cady Stanton and how her determination changed the world

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Alice Paul's famous 1913 parade stunned the nation and a President. Learn about how her protests changed the nation.

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Achieving equal voting rights has been a long process. Learn about Lillian's journey to the ballot box.

 Spark creativity! Start conversations!

Art Projects for Social Justice


Design a Flat Susan B. Anthony


Create a Ballot Box for home elections 


Mail a suffrage card

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Use this creative time to talk

about voting rights, democracy, and

what impact you can make in the world. 

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