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Get Involved.
Help your community.
Grow as a leader.

 Be inspired by history.

Listen to a story in the The Yellow Roses' 
"Library Book" Read-aloud Collection


Discover the story  of what a mother told her son and how those wordschanged history.

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Belva Lockwood broke barriers in the courtroom and in politics. Hear her courageous story!


Learn about Elizabeth Cady Stanton and how her determination changed the world

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Bloomers were revolutionary! Learn how these pants were both a fashion and a political statement! 

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Alice Paul's famous 1913 parade stunned the nation and a President. Learn about how her protests changed the nation.

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Achieving equal voting rights has been a long process. Learn about Lillian's journey to the ballot box.

Art & Activism


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Design a Flat Susan B. Anthony


Create a Ballot Box for home elections 


Mail a suffrage card

Activities for the whole family


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Use this creative time to talk

about voting rights, democracy, and

what impact you can make in the world. 


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Featuring interviews with Dean Robbins, Elisa Boxer, and Nancy Kennedy