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Sew a Suffrage Star

Alice Paul sewed a star on her iconic flag for every state that ratified the 19th amendment.

She sewed the final 36th star after Sen. Harry Burn voted yes for suffrage!

This easy-to-do lacing project is perfect for younger children!


More information:

Materials Needed:

- Yarn (purple, white or yellow preferred)

- cardboard, card stock paper, styrofoam plate

- hole punching device

I used a meat thermometer)  

- Tape     


1. Trace a star onto cardboard and cut out

2. Punch holes close together on border of star

3. Tie knot in one end string

4. Wrap small piece of tape on other end of string

5. Pull string through hole, making sure knot doesn't pass through

6. Lace string through the punched holes

7. Once finished, take a picture and send to The Yellow Roses

8. Hang in your window to show your support for women's rights


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