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To show support for women's rights, people used to wear pins like these on their coats or dresses. 

Pro-Suffrage Pin


1. Trace the 3 circles onto the colored paper and cut out

2. Take scissors and make small cuts around the edge of the large circle. Glue circle to paper plate.

3. Follow #2 instructions for medium and small circles.

4. Glue two streamers or long strips of paper to bottom of project

5. Write a message or decorate the center of the smallest circle

6. Hang in your window or home

7. Send a picture of your project to The Yellow Roses


Create your own pro-suffrage pin. 

Hang in your window to show your neighbors and celebrate 100 years of women voting. 

Materials Needed:

- Paper plate

- 3 different sizes of circles (small, medium, large)

- Colored paper

- Scissors

- Glue

- Streamers

Primary Sources:



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