About Us

Hi, our names are Carolyn(10), Kareena (11), Silas (8), and Norah (5). We are cousins. We have spent the summer of 2020 working on this website. We hope you like it and are inspired to take action. You can make a difference in the world- no matter how old you are!

A note from Mama Kate:

We first checked out these suffrage stories from the library as part of our homeschool study of the suffrage movement. 

These inspiring stories planted a seed, which blossomed into a space where stories are shared, art & creativity are inspired, and new ideas are encouraged. 

We hope that The Yellow Roses can become a resource for families and educators to learn these histories, which are not commonly taught in school textbooks.

We want to change that.

These courageous stories and histories can inspire future generations of leaders, advocates, and voters. 

We decided to offer art projects for children and families as a way to create a safe place for creativity, for questions, and for discussion about voting rights. We hope you will share with us your art, your thoughts, and your new ideas.

Thank you for your participation, for your creativity, for your contributions, and for your advocacy.