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Create a Suffrage Banner

Alice Paul and the "Silent Sentinels"

were the first in history

to picket outside the White House. 

The women would gather daily- rain or shine- to stand in silence,

holding their banners in support of women's voting rights. 

Make a sign and declare your support for women's rights!


mrs.mccormick and mrs. parker standing i

More information:

Materials Needed:

- Poster board or paper

- Yellow, white, and purple paints or markers (optional)


1. Draft different messages you might want to put on your banner. Think about causes that are important to you. Find a way to share your views in a few words or short sentence.

2. Sketch a design of your banner with your message included

3. Edit and finalize your banner

4. Cut poster board into shape of banner 

5. Decorate banner

6. Attach to stick or hang on wall/ window

7. Take a picture and send to The Yellow Roses

Other methods:



Historical Examples:

Banners on display at the Belmont-Paul House in Washington D.C.

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