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As you know, women were not always treated like they are today. There were so many people that dedicated their entire lives to getting freedom and equality for women. People sacrificed everything so the world could have a better future. If you look at how people take their freedom for granted it is quite sad. People fought through some of the toughest times in the world for the future. Some of the most important activists for women died before they could ever see the day all of their hard work paid off. Susan B. Anthony died in 1906. The 19th amendment that gave women their rights was signed in 1920! That's 14 years after she passed. These women worked so hard. Every single person in the world should know about the things these women did. Sadly, people don't. These women were put into the back for so long and finally when they made it in the world, they had what felt like seconds of glory. It has been 100 years since women have been granted the right to vote and they have already been forgotten. The world is already forgetting the importance of having equal pay or being able to do the same things because a man could do. If right now people took away women voting rights, then that would cause a riot. Women would then realize the things people went through and they will realize how hard it is to fight the government for what you believe in. There is an importance in our history. Our history is important.

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