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Thank them

If you are talking to someone, what do you talk about? Friends? School? Especially nowadays people are talking about the coming 2020 presidential election. When you talk about those things I bet you talk about your own experiences. What about the people before you? Do you ever think about what people who weren't able to do these things? They didn't have the easiest ways to talking to people of different races and genders. The only reason you are able to do these things now is because of the people who sacrificed their lives for your future. If there was never any Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr., or Rosa Parks then there would be no you. I don't mean that these people impacted your genes, but they impacted who you are today as a person. What I mean is that now because of these people, you are able to play basic games with other people because of their personality and not because of their looks. You are able to go to school with these people. Black people were given simple rights, women were given their rights to vote. Think about all of the other especially women in other countries that STILL don't have voting rights. Be grateful for what you have now because to somebody the small things could be very big. Love what you have today because someone might not have that tomorrow. Take a step back from your crazy life. Look at all of the people who made you you. All you need to do is say 2 simple words. Thank you.

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